The Shenshan Ridge Integrated Service Center

The project is located in the shallow hilly region of the Dabie Mountains, surrounded by mountains and ponds, with farmlands, reservoirs, mountain forests and other natural resources. The base is an irregular triangle, and the hills on the northeast side are damaged with exposed slopes, with better scenery to the south and west.

The architecture has been the repair of environment: the building is connected with the destroyed mountain and is the extension of the natural massif. The architectural organization of staggered rooftops retreating layer by layer implies the connections of the building as a kind of morphed contour lines to the original massif. As a continuation of the natural environment, the architecture is not limited to the imitation and mimicry of nature.

The architecture is in minimalist style and completely in white. The design highlights the “geometry” and “composition” of the architecture. Through the form of “stepped construction in set-back mode”, the building forms a rhythmic spatial sequence and obtains the view surface to the maximum extent, each guest room has an independent hanging courtyard to ensure privacy, and the alignment of traffic, pipeline and structure is also guaranteed.

The building is designed as a budget hotel, consisting of three storeys: 1st floor, L-planned, as public service area, with reception hall, agricultural products sales center, dining hall, banquet hall, meeting hall and offices; 2nd and 3rd floors as accommodation area, with 22 guest rooms in total.

Project info

Project name: Architectural Design of the Shenshan Ridge Integrated Service Center
Location: Yinpeng Village, Guangshan, Henan Province
Proprietor: Yang Feng
Design company: 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
Principal architect: He wei, Chen Long
Project team: Liang Zhuyu, Zhao Xinze, Song Ke, Cao Shiqing, Yin Xinyi
Period of design: 2018.3—2018.6
Period of completion: 2019.5
Total building area: 2500 sqm
Photographer: Fang Liming