Beijing Design Exhibition Center

Located in Zhangjiawan, Tongzhou District, Beijing, the project is an important part of the Zhangjiawan Design Town. The site was originally for industrial use and was once engaged in the textile and clothing industry. The functions of the new buildings will focus on thenew business forms of the future Design Town, including exhibition halls, product release centers, studios, and supporting facilities for offices and hotels. The owner hopes that in the future, it will become the release and launch center of the Design Town and the window to showcase the new Beijing design industry and related products.

The project covers an area of XXX square meters, with a height limit of 24 meters and a plot ratio of XX, including XXX square meters above the ground and XXX square meters underground. According to the planning layout, the building is composed of four interconnected units: offices and hotels are located on the east and west sides, and public areas such as exhibition halls, product release centers, and studios are located in the middle of the main building.

Through the insertion, cutting and combination of two cubes and several barrel shaped blocks, the main building is designed with boldness of vision, but without losing tact. The alternate use of rusted steel plates, perforated folded plates, LED screens and glass curtain walls reflects the characteristics of industry in different historical periods. The LED skin at the main entrance of the building not only gives the building a sense of fashion, but also has strong practical value. It is an important platform for future product release and launch. The roof of the building is equipped with a large sky garden, which not just makes full use of the roof space, but also reflects the concept of green ecology.

Project info

Location: Zhangjiawan, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China

Client: Beijing Trends Group

Site area: xxx sqm

Total construction area: xxx sqm

Design time: 2020-2021

State: design scheme